If you require a CPAP breathing machine, please bring your own dry cell battery and inverter. (NO wet cell (lead acid) please).  Or call us well in advance and we may be able to provide system to power your CPAP.

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When flying, weight in the aircraft is a prime consideration. We allow a maximum limit of 85 lbs. per person on the All Inclusive Plan & 110 Lbs on the Economy Plan.  This includes all your personal gear and beverages. 

Not to worry, the ice and groceries provided by Hidden Bay Lodge are not included in your weight limit. 

Plan your trip carefully: Overload flights are expensive and uncertain! Contact our office two weeks before departure if you require assistance with beverages, minnows, bait etc.

Year after year we see people over pack for their fishing trip.  More needless stuff means more weight in the aircraft. Once saw a 70lb tackle box.  Crazy, eh?!  Above are items we recommend for you and your group to pack.

Communication and cooperation with the group helps to keep the weight within the limits.  The more items shared by the group ie. toothpaste, shaving cream, tackle, spare rods and reels, the lower the individual gear weight will be.  This does take some planning and it can be done.  Groups that consistently come within the weight limit have made the pre-trip planning an integral aspect of their fishing trip.

Please limit rod cases to 4" in diameter. Those 10" PVC sewer pipes are just too big and heavy!  Combine many rods in one case to save space. Remove reels from rods so they fit better into rod cases.