Gage Lake

Accommodates 4-10 guests 

Being one of our premier outposts, Gage Lake features a beautiful 3 bedroom cabin.  The Lake is over 8 miles long and 4 miles wide with tons of bays to nuzzle into for some great fishing. The Lake also features several sets of rapids. The lake flows north and west, from the Cat River system and streaming into another one of our favourites, Blackstone Lake, from the east. Featured fishing: Walleye and Northern Pike. 

The cabin is finished with locally harvested tongue and groove pine. This cabin features a modern kitchen with propane stove for all your cooking needs. 

Gage Lake, features satellite phone service, hot and cold running water, inside flush toilet, shower, and solar powered lights.  The utmost in convenience while providing a true wilderness experience.

Gage Lake is one of our favorite's for TROPHY PIKE fishing! 

With an abundance of large fish, this lake will likely satisfy your desire for a wall worthy fish. 

All the comforts of home with a satellite phone for any emergency and to call in needed supplies for the next group. 




Main Features: 

Modern refrigerator and propane stove

Hot and cold running water with shower

Boardwalk system that goes from the cabin to the main dock

14 foot aluminum boats with comfortable seats and 9.9 hp outboard motors

landing nets and minnow buckets supplied

screened fish cleaning shack

deck with gas grill

propane deep fryer for fish

electric solar lights

Satellite phone (no Wifi at this time)