established in 1971


As avid and dedicated sporstmen themselves, the Reinke Family have been providing high quality and exciting Fly-In only fishing adventures at Hidden Bay Lodge for over 40 years. 

Karl Reinke, who started the Reinke reign at Hidden Bay, was a pioneer in upgrading cabins to a higher standard to which our newest and latest guests demand. Karl was also the first to purchase a new Cessna Caravan amphibian aircraft for fly in fishing in Northwest Ontario. This is a vast improvement in speed, comfort and safety over the older DHC-3 Otters. 

Hidden Bay is professionally run to the highest standards, because we believe in comfort and quality at our outposts. We feature the finest fishing, aircraft, employees, accommodations and care. 

We are ecstatic to state that over 90% of our guests return each year. 

Let us make your fishing dreams come true, 

The Reinke Family